Arts + music fundraiser to advocate for programs being defunded by trump

100% proceeds are donated to 501c3 charities that focus on women's , trans + gender non conforming individuals' rights + education

Collaborate + promote likeminded people, brands, venues, musicians, artists, artisans + politicians to donate our "profits" for those in need.

Encourage modern "prophets" - those who use their privilege + platform to educate, enlighten + support others with limited resources


Raised $4K for Planned Parenthood via an all inclusive + donation based event. Created real community engagement through organic social disruption 

Influenced 15 similar events

in 4 different cities

collectively raising $50K for charities in the first year 



Sizzle Reel By: Nick Centore

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The catch is we use our existing personal platforms to generate buzz - thus we launched the birthday campaign + others feel they can plug + play too!  This April SLOWKEY used her annual celebration + social platforms to congregate friends for a live music + art fundraiser in support of the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls



March 2018 Trump proposed to completely defund the  National Endowment for the Arts  in 2019 + with it remove "artists" from those eligible for low income housing



Through sponsorship activations + silent art auctions we stimulated conversations around gender identification while supporting female + GNC artists + artisans by giving them a platform. Mix dance, live music, + different artistic mediums for artists to cross promote while fundraising for the next generation



Raised $8K for the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

10 people registered to vote via HeadCount Org

Mac DeMarco, Steve Madden, Elsewhere, House of Yes, BangOn!, Zero, Ebb + Flow and others donated product + tickets for raffle 



Nooklyn, RedBull, Teeling, Brooklyn Mate, Williamsburg Pizza, SixPoint, Captain Lawrence, Spiked Seltzer, Simple Vodka, + more!


Sizzle Reel By: Lilly Winter